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The development and cultivation of a brand goes beyond academic exercise. Fundamentally, brand has to do with feeling and connection, while lining up with business practices, customer service and the product itself.

Our process is straightforward and common-sense. We listen and we think. We iterate on ideas that work, strategize, plan, and execute. And we approach things the same way for everyone. So whether you’re a Fortune 50, or a small startup, you’ll get the same treatment. Because everyone deserves great branding. Especially you.


Clear communication and gaining awareness with your market can be a challenge. Understanding the nuance and keeping things simple is key. Knowing what, when, and where to say something can be critical. We’ll work with you to figure out the message, do the necessary research, combine it with the things we’ve picked up along the way, and make sure your voice is heard. It’s one of the things we love to do, and you’ll love it (we hope), too.

Whether it’s print, web, social media, or a giant billboard in Times Square, we’ve got you covered. Communicate strategically—with your friends at oornj.


We all know that nothing is permanent, and that everything changes. In the world of websites—and how they’re used—everything changes really, really fast. Multiply that by the number of industries all using websites in different ways, and you begin to realize it’s not just about good development or pretty graphics.

While dev and design are important, so is the ability to identify the latest trends and behaviors, and anticipate what’s to come. We take it a step further and ensure visual brand consistency, clear communication (strategic, of course), and smooth, flowing user experience. You’ll have a cool website, and everyone will be happy.

Our Team

Bob Blass

Bob Blass

President and Creative Director

The oornj brandesign team is led by President and Creative Director, Bob Blass. Bob has nearly 30 years of experience in brand development and strategic marketing and communications. His industry experience includes well recognized work in retail, b2b, business to consumer, higher education, healthcare and not-for-profit.

Ryan Blass

Ryan Blass

Vice President

Ryan has six years of professional experience in creative development, marketing strategy, social media management, copywriting, web development, and photography. He has worked with a number of organizations including Indiana University, STANLEY, and Firestone to bring forth new creative concepts and marketing strategies.

Stacy Kult

Stacy Kult

Account Manager

Stacy’s attention to detail, coupled with her Type A personality, keeps the oornj team on track. She is responsible for day-to-day workflow, project budgets and client communication.

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